Teaching has been my passion since my childhood. Thus my friends always joke that I am the only one living her childhood dream because the rest wanted to be astronauts. Prior to teaching in higher ed, I taught mathematics at high school and middle school levels. I then started my master’s degree to learn more about teaching & learning. During my master’s, I mostly focused on statistics education and curriculum development. I researched on Bayesian education for my master’s thesis.

In my courses, not only do I want my students to be able to understand statistical concepts but I also want them to use the most modern tools and be able to think of the impact of their statistical work. I welcome multiple pedagogies in my classroom to reach these goals.

My recent teaching history:

Spring Fall
2019 Applied Statistics (Undergraduate)
2018 Statistical Inference II (Graduate)
Introduction to Data Analytics (Undergraduate)
Dealing with Data I (Undergraduate)
Advanced Statistical Modeling (Undergraduate - Tutorial)
2017 Learner Centered Classroom Assessment (Undergraduate) Applied Bayesian Analysis (Graduate)
Dealing with Data II (Undergraduate)
R (Undergraduate - Tutorial)
Advanced R (Undergraduate - Tutorial)
Making Websites Using R Markdown (January -Independent Study)
2016 Learner Centered Classroom Assessment (Undergraduate)
Learner Centered Classroom Assessment (Undergraduate)
Applied Multilevel Data Analysis (Graduate-TA)
2015 Introduction to Educational Statistics (Graduate - Lab TA) Learner Centered Classroom Assessment (Undergraduate)
2014 Introduction to Educational Statistics (Graduate - Lab TA)

In addition to teaching these courses, I also taught workshops in various topics. My prior workshops include:

  • Introduction to R, Workshop on R, Ohio State University Research Methodology Center, November 2015, February 2016, October 2016, February 2017, March 2017, July 2017

  • Fair and Efficient Grading. Teaching Orientation at the Ohio State University, August 2015, August 2016.

  • Introduction to SAS. Workshop on SAS, Ohio State University Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, February 2015.

  • Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) @ Bogazici. Workshop on Scratch, Bogazici University, May 2012, May 2013.


My own research is on investigating and comparing different missing data treatments under different modeling conditions. I study estimation bias, error of estimations, and model convergence while controlling for different levels of complex model elements using Monte Carlo simulations. As an applied statistician, I also collaborate in areas in which I do not have content expertise but assist in statistics and methodology. During my PhD at OSU, I worked and published with researchers from Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy. I worked as a statistician research assistant at Food Innovation Center at OSU where I helped and taught the Food Safety lab to manage and analyze their data. I also worked as a consultant at the Research Methodology Center where I assisted faculty and graduate students from diverse fields across campus. This experience has helped me develop skills to communicate and collaborate with researchers from diverse fields and who have varying understanding of data.


Teaching web scraping - Integrating data science into statistics Talk given with Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel at Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics, Online, May 2018.

Handling Missing Data in R Invited talk given with Sunwoo Ha at St. Thomas University, Miami Lakes, FL, March 2018.

Is There Room for Intersectional Feminism in Statistics and Data Science? Panel with Emma K.T. Benn and Maria M. Garcia at the Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference, San Diego, CA, October 2017

A Brief Introduction to Statistical Consulting Talk given at New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL, September 2017