Below is a list of media appearances.

  1. Interviewee. Amstat News: Awardees Suggest Applying Widely When Looking for NSF Grant. November, 2023.
  2. Interviewee. Significance Magazine: Why your data viz needs alt text. February, 2023.
  3. Guest. Sample Space Podcast Episode 6: Teaching Bayesian Statistics and Accessibility in Education. October, 2022.
  4. Publication Mentioned. Education Week: Teaching Students to Understand the Uncertainties of Science Could Help Build Public Trust September, 2022.
  5. Guest. Learning Bayesian Statistics Podcast Episode 42: How to Teach and Learn Bayesian Stats. June, 2021.
  6. Guest. Data Science Education podcast Episode 5: Increasing Accessibility to Data Science Education. May, 2021.
  7. Interviewee. SRQ Daily: Teaching Students To Ask Questions, Take Risks. Dec, 2017.
  8. Interviewee. ASA's Women in Statistics and Data Science March, 2017.
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