A complete list of my teaching history can be found on my CV. Below, I only list the courses that I have taught at UC Irvine and only the last time that I have taught them. If you are interested in knowing about my approach to teaching statistics and data science, you can read my teaching statement that I wrote in 2018. If you are an instructor needing help with writing your own teaching statement, you can read my blog post on writing teaching statements.

Course Number Course Title Academic Term Links
Stats 5 Seminar in Data Science Winter 2022
Stats 6 Introduction to Data Science Winter 2024  
Stats 7 Basic Statistics Spring 2020 On Canvas due to COVID-19
Stats 67 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Computer Science Fall 2023  
Stats 68 Statistical Computing and Exploratory Data Analysis Spring 2021  
Stats 112/203 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis III Spring 2020 On Canvas due to COVID-19
Stats 115 Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis Winter 2022  
Stats 210P Statistical Methods I Winter 2022 On Canvas
Stats 295 Scientific Computing with R Fall 2020  
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